Media Sales

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Connected to Businesses Across the Region Through a Suite of Services.

Virtual Event Creation and Management
Event Concepting, Technology, Creative, and Video Production.

Multimedia Business Promotions
TV, Radio, Digital, Print, and Event Sponsorships.

Digital Marketing Management
Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Google Advertising.

Field and Studio Video Production
Videography, Still Photography, Audio Recording, Editing, and Animation

Creative and Communications Services
Graphic Design, Brand Development, and Public Relations

For more information, please contact the Marketing Team at WCNY by email or call (315) 453-2424.

Media Sales Showcase Brand Photos_TrustWhy you should showcase your brand with WCNY.
As Central New York’s public communications organization, WCNY is committed to improving education, creating economic opportunities, and enhancing quality of life by telling our stories, serving our communities, and encouraging appreciation for diversity, partnership, and learning. WCNY produces award-winning original content and provides local and global programming to audiences across multiple platforms, including television, radio, web, digital, social media, print, and events.

Trust – According to a nationwide survey, PBS was named the most trusted media organization for the 20th year in a row. PBS continues to outscore government institutions and media sources—such as broadcast, cable, streaming and social media—in both value and trust, respectively. When you partner with PBS, your brand gets instant trust and credibility in the market that you can’t get anywhere else; this is called the “Halo Effect.”

Vast Reach – WCNY can reach 1.8 million people in 500,000 households across 19 counties in Upstate New York, nearly a third of the state and parts of Canada. In addition, WCNY reaches a
global streaming audience.

Integrated Programming – Unlike commercial media, WCNY delivers uninterrupted content with far fewer underwriting messages than any other station. In addition, our multi-media platform provides partners with one-stop shopping and a single point of contact for integrated marketing.

Affluent Audience – WCNY’s viewership includes 59% of the Central New York market with a household income greater than $75,000 and 35% of the Central New York market with a household income greater than $150,000. WCNY members are highly educated, engaged, and
influential in the community. WCNY’s audience is informed and values quality and depth of content.

Underserved Audience – As a public broadcaster, WCNY’s viewership includes 34% of the market with a household income of less than $25,000 and 37% with a household income of less than $50,000. In addition, we reach those who are not subscribing to Cable.

Ad Engagement – PBS is an uninterrupted, uncluttered, and category-exclusive environment for sponsors. According to the Sponsorship Group of Public Television, 72% of viewers say PBS sponsor messages are different and better than ads on other networks.

63% of viewers say it’s easier to remember the sponsor messages on PBS because there are fewer of them compared to an advertiser on a commercial network or streaming service.

80% of parents say they appreciate the limited number of sponsor message breaks on PBS KIDS.

Ed Molloy, Director of Underwriting & Corporate Sponsorships 315-385-7308:

Jennifer Hendrix, Media Account Executive 315-723-9928:

James Robinson, Media Account Executive 315-385-7320:

Amanda Hayden, Director, Creative Services, Communications & Events:

Lauren Easton, Manager, Marketing, Public Relations & Events:




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