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S4-17: Turning Time

Published - December 28, 2019

“Everything passes, but nothing entirely goes away.”  – Jenny Diski   We are at a tipping point, that moment when one year turns to the next.  As we head into the next decade, we’ll take a trip through time, from Medieval days to modern.  It’s music that is sacred and secular, including the latest Pulitzer Prize-winning work from Ellen Reid.  We’ll also take note of what the future has in store.   “Turning Time”   Hildegard of Bingen:  Kyrie Oxford Camerata; Jeremy Summerly, conductor “Heavenly Revelations” Naxos 550998 Caterina Assandra:  Salve Regina Cappella Artemisia “Rosa Mistica” Tactus 600003 Caterina Assandra:  In Dulcis Amor Jesu Cappella

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S4-16: Winter Music

Published - December 21, 2019

“The color of springtime is flowers; the color of winter is in our imagination.”  – Terri Guillimets   We are heading toward the depths of winter here in the northern hemisphere.  It is a season marked by long nights and short days, when we start bundling up against the cold, often looking inward as we reflect on the season.  So grab some cocoa or a hot toddy, settle in by the fire, and take a listen to some winter music from medieval to modern times.   “Winter Music”   Judith Bingham:  The Darkness Is No Darkness Voces8 “Winter” Decca 4830968 Johann Melchior

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December 16, 2019: Barry Torres, Schola Cantorum

Published - December 16, 2019

    Schola Cantorum of Syracuse’s first concerts of the 2019-20 season are coming up this weekend.  Founder and director Barry Torres stopped into the WCNY studios to chat with mid-day host Diane Jones about the program “Navidad: Spanish and Latin American Music for the Season.”  Find out more about this program, co-director Liamna Pestana, and Barry’s thoughts on how this music that is centuries old is still vibrant and living music today.     Schola Cantorum’s website can be found here.

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S4-15: Patchwork Quilt, Part XVII

Published - December 14, 2019

“I like to keep changing because discovery is always interesting.”  – Ludovico Einaudi   Yet another Patchwork Quilt episode for you this week, and it’s quite a variety of music.  From a work inspired by the Nevada landscape, to another commemorating the founding of the city of Hanoi, it’s marvelous music written and performed by women.   “Patchwork Quilt, Part XVII”   Johann Adolph Hasse:  Morte col fiero aspetto, from Marc’Antonio e Cleopatra Cecilia Bartoli, mezzo-soprano Il Giardino Armonico; Giovanni Antonini, conductor “Farinelli” Decca 4850215 Jennifer Bellor:  Cerulean Twilight Ying Zhang, violin; Andrew Smith, cello; Emily Montoya Barnes, harp; Luc Brust, vibraphone

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December 13, 2019: Lizzie Klemperer, Symphoria

Published - December 13, 2019

  Symphoria presents its annual Holiday Pops Concerts this weekend, in four performances over three days, with guest artist, vocalist and actress Lizzie Klemperer.  Lizzie stopped into the studios to chat with mid-day host Diane Jones about the concerts, her family connections with Symphoria, and what it takes to perform on Broadway.   The Symphoria website can be found here. And Lizzie Klemperer’s website is here.

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December 11, 2019: Horns and Harmonies at Hendricks

Published - December 11, 2019

    The Syracuse University Brass Ensemble and the Spirit of Syracuse Chorus are joining forces this weekend for a holiday concert at Hendricks Chapel on the Syracuse University Campus.  Members of the brass ensemble, along with Amy Manley from the Spirit of Syracuse Chorus, came to the WCNY studios to talk about the concert, and share some wonderful live music with us.   Learn about the SU Brass Ensemble here. And the Spirit of Syracuse Chorus here.

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1-26: Eitz Chayim 2

Published - December 9, 2019

1-26 Eitz Chayim 2  The Tree of Life, Eitz Chayim, is a common symbol in Judaism.  We’ll end season 1 of Classically Jewish by adding another leaf to our Tree of Life as we continue to explore Jewish influences in classical music. Music includes: Joel Engel: Morgengebet, Shavues, and In der Suke Engelbert Röntgen: String Trio on Ashkenazic Themes Jacob Weinberg: Shabbat Ba’aretz (Shabbat in the Holy Land) Leo Ornstein: Composition 1 for Cello and Piano Haim Alexander: Six Israeli Dances Irving Berlin: Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor

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1-25: Chanukah

Published - December 9, 2019

1-25 Chanukah  The Festival of Lights brings warmth and joy to celebrations with family and friends.  We’ll listen to music, both old and new, inspired by this joyous eight-day holiday. Music includes: Traditional Candle Blessings Samuel Adler: To Celebrate a Miracle Michael Issacson: A Hanukka Celebration Stephen Schwartz: The Chanukah Song: We Are Lights Zamir Bavel: The Hanukkah Fantasy arr. Hankus Netsky: Oy, Chanukah

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S4-14: Words and Music, Part 2

Published - December 7, 2019

In winter all the singing is in the tops of the trees White-Eyes, a poem by Mary Oliver   Something a little different for this episode.  Poems by women, coupled with music written or performed by women.  No explanations, no stories, just the pairing of these two art forms.   “Words and Music, Part 2” Michael Torke:  Allegro, from Winter’s Tale Julie Albers, cello Albany Symphony Orchestra; David Alan Miller “Three Manhattan Bridges” Albany 1643 I’lana Sandra Cotton:  Music for Midwinter Max Lifchitz, piano “American Women Composers” North/South Recordings 1043 Lars-Erik Larsson:  A Winter’s Tale New York Scandia Symphony; Dorritt Matson, conductor “Orchestral

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