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Farm Bureau president frustrated by process setting future OT threshold

Published - December 30, 2020

Why has the state’s commissioner of agriculture and markets been silent about future overtime rules for farmworkers? Who is writing a final report for the Farm Laborers Wage Board? What will board members vote on during their final meeting on Thursday? Those are just some of the questions plaguing David Fisher, president of the New York Farm Bureau, who sits on the three-member wage board that is scheduled to issue recommendations on Thursday that will likely determine when overtime kicks in for farmworkers in the future.

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2020 Television Diary

Published - December 30, 2020

Where does the time go? Well, apparently in 2020, I spent most of it on our living room sectional wondering about the fate of Carole Baskin’s first husband, getting pumped to play chess and imagining life as a vampire. Here is a list of the good, the bad and the Billy Joel dance number that I watched over the last 12 months on my television.

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Lawmakers eye second rent relief measure with federal aid

Published - December 29, 2020

When state lawmakers convene for a new legislative session next month, one of their first tasks could be creating a new program to distribute about $1.3 billion in federal rent relief included in the recently enacted pandemic stimulus package. “I’m very much committed to making sure that that happens,” Sen. Brian Kavanagh, chair of the chamber’s  housing committee, told The Capitol Pressroom.

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S5-17: The Turning of the Year

Published - December 26, 2020

  “We wait for the new year to appear to us like the hopeful sun bringing aspiring light to an eager world.”  – Munia Khan   On this New Year’s Eve, we look back at women in music throughout the ages.  From Medieval to Modern, here is music by women over the centuries:   The Turning of the Year Blanche of Castile:  Amours, u trop tart me sui pris Andrea Folan, soprano; Elizabeth Conversation “The Medieval Lady” Leonarda 340 Hildegard of Bingen:  Ave generosa Oxford Camerata: Jeremy Summerly, conductor “Heavenly Revelations” Naxos 550998 Francesca Caccini:  Dov’io credea Ingrid Matthews, violin; Byron Schenkman, harpsichord “Canzoni

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S5-16: Songs of Faith and Celebration

Published - December 19, 2020

  “People say that the soul, on hearing the song of creation, entered the body, but in reality the soul itself was the song.” ― Hafiz, 14th Century Sufi poet Music has long been a way to elevate an expression of faith.  In the midst of this holiday season, we will listen to songs of faith and celebration composed across the centuries, from the Middle Ages to the modern era.   Songs of Faith and Celebration   Hildegard of Bingen:  O viridissima virga, Ave Sequentia “Canticles of Ecstasy” Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 05472 77320 Judith Weir:  Psalm 148 Matthew Knight, trombone Choir

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December 18, 2020: Ronnie Leigh (Symphoria)

Published - December 18, 2020

  Ronnie Leigh is guest vocalist for the annual Holiday Pops Concerts with Symphoria.  Ronnie joined mid-day host Diane Jones to talk about the concert, and reminisce about his incredible career. Find out more about Symphoria here.

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December 14, 2020: Arts at Park Benefit Concert

Published - December 14, 2020

  Park Central Church music director Robert Allen and Symphoria cellist Lindsay Groves have teamed up for an all-Beethoven benefit concert, titles “Music for a World in Need.”  This live-stream event is also an opportunity to support those in need in our community, and mid-day host Diane Jones chatted with Bob and Lindsay about how this all came together. Information about the Arts at Park is available here.

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S5-15: One, Two, Three, Four – Again!

Published - December 12, 2020

“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” ― Confucius We’re counting on women today!  Or at least, counting women.  From solo performances, to duo, trio, quartet – and perhaps a bit more!  Let’s celebrate the strength and talents of women performing together.   One, Two, Three, Four – Again! Leo Brouwer:  La Huida de los Amantes por el Valle de los Ecos Sharon Isbin, guitar “Affinity” Zoho 202005 Anders Eliasson:  Carosello Beth Levin, piano “Hammerklavier Live” Gramola 98011 Damien Luce:  Bacchus Atlantic Harp Duo “Ariadne Rediviva” Independent Label Leonard Bernstein:  Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano The

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December 11, 2020: Spencer Phillips, Symphoria

Published - December 11, 2020

  Symphoria’s season continues with A Classical Christmas this weekend.  Principal Bass Spencer Phillips joined mid-day host Diane Jones live to talk about the concert.  He also gave us some insight into his role as music librarian for the symphony, and shared news of a milestone he achieved during this time of distancing and quaranting.   Information about the entire Symphoria season can be found here.

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December 10, 2020: Ben Dettelback, CCO Brass Quintet

Published - December 10, 2020

The Cayuga Chamber Orchestra presents the CCO Brass Quintet in a concert of “Holiday Comfort & Joy.”  Ben Dettelback, principal trombone of the Cayuga Chamber Orchestra, spoke to mid-day host Diane Jones about the concert, and the music you’ll hear.  And we learned how he was tricked into not playing trombone as a youngster.   Find out more about the Cayuga Chamber Orchestra season here, including the options for live and streaming viewing of the concerts.  

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S5-14: Patchwork Quilt, Part XXIV

Published - December 5, 2020

“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.” ― Billy Joel Every so often, we present a program that has no special theme or thread to tie the music together.  I call these “Patchwork Quilt” episodes.  It’s the opportunity to share performances or works by women simply because they are worth hearing.  Like a patchwork quilt, the individual pieces may seem disparate and unmatched, but together they can touch us with their beauty and intrigue.   Patchwork Quilt, Part XXIV Judith

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