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Checkup From the Neck-Up, Episode 10 – A Deep Dive on Depression

People stuck in a cycle of negativity are often suffering from clinical depression. In this edition of Checkup From the Neck-up, Upstate Medical University Psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Schwartz and host, psychologist Dr. Rich O’Neill, take a deep dive toward a better understanding of depression. What are the nine symptoms of depression, and how do you recognize the warning signs that something is wrong? This show builds on WCNY-TV’s Cycle of Health episode: Treating Depression. Dr. Schwartz is Distinguished Teaching Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychiatry at SUNY Upstate Medical University. Here, he and Dr. Rich also discuss different mental health professions, various approaches to psychotherapy, the possibility of doing nothing as an option, and how one might pick a psychotherapist.

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