Study Resources for the Geometry Regents Exam

This website has free worksheets (most of which have answer keys) that can be used to practice geometry topics.

This website breaks down topics by the standard and gives you online practice, or worksheets that you can print off.

This free website is for teachers to sign up and have interactive classrooms/assignments to give to their students (once the students sign up too)

This website lets teachers assign exercises to students that they can practice not only on their computer, but on their smartphone, laptops, and tablets too!  

This endless website has videos of lessons of geometry topics and the rigor of the common core is definitely included. There is even a “community question” section that may help in answering any questions you may have.

Signing up to this website will give you videos and the lesson slides that go with it! Then you can practice your geometry skills with the “quick quizzes” at the end of the lessons.

This website gives regents questions for students to practice.

Allows students to practice regents questions, and teachers to use word files to take questions and use them in their daily lessons.

This website gives exemplars of the new common core geometry curriculum

This website allows you to type in any question you want and it gives you the correct answer in many forms!

Looking for some help with some basic geometry facts? On this website you can find videos and quick quizzes to help your basic geometry skills. You may need to sign up, but it can be very helpful.

This website gives exemplars of the new common core geometry curriculum

Applications to consider:

Explain Everything app – for teachers, it has the ability to upload note packets and record what you have done for students to see.
Educreations app – this app already has videos that are uploaded and teachers can create their own lessons on it for students to see.


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