Web Resources for Students

The Physics Classroom
Instructional modules by topic; beware the couple topics that are good physics but not part of the NYS curriculum
Interactive virtual experiments

Regents Prep Center (Sponsored by Oswego Schools)
Short explanations of a wide variety of topics

Huge database of on-line questions with answers. The older simpler questions-only version of St Mary’s High School

St Mary’s High School in Manhasset, NY
HUGE collection of question sets, videos, lessons, quizzes… on-going updates. Donation requested but not required.

A Plus Physics
Skip the advertising for their review book and the topics are well explained.

iPhone/iPad App
What else is there to say? Doesn’t look especially rigorous but if Physics Review in your hand is your thing….

Altman Physics
Short videos showing how to solve the questions on Physics Regents exams from 2007 thru 2010

Flashcards on the basics

Southwestern Central School District Physics
Nice review sheets with answers

Primarily for Teachers

The Physics Classroom
Excellent multimedia snippets demonstrating many of the physics concepts with which students struggle

Mr Butchko’s Physics
PowerPoints, Labs, and worksheets


WCNY Oldies




Capitol Pressroom