New arts journalism TV program ‘Articulate with Jim Cotter’ premieres June 25 on WCNY

WCNY, Central New York’s community-owned media company, presents “Articulate with Jim Cotter” at 6 p.m. Sundays, beginning June 25 on WCNY-TV.

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The Emmy® award-winning, weekly magazine show examines the human condition through culture and creativity. From grand opera to graphic novels, ballet to busking, “Articulate” invites you to engage with the unfamiliar and discover truths common to us all. Combining exceptional visual storytelling with a smart, refreshingly straight-forward attitude, “Articulate “offers a new brand of arts journalism for today’s audience.

The show is based on the premise that art is for everyone, that creative expression is a basic human need, and that culture tells us who we are.

Sample Highlights:

  1. How does tap dance embody the social and cultural history of America?
  2. Was horror writer HP Lovecraft right to assert that ignorance, not knowledge, is power?
  3. How does a classically trained cellist in his seventies breathe life into records by artists such as Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, and Lana Del Rey?
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