Oct 10, 2016: Best-of The Capitol Pressroom

New Yorker writer and journalist Elizabeth Kolbert won the Pulitzer Prize this year for her book, The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History published by Henry Holt. In it, she details her journeys around the world from Albany to Patagonia, speaking with scientists about the mass extinction events taking place right now, and being caused by humans. You’ve heard of the Jurassic period? This extinction will be titled the Anthopocene. From 8/10/15

Rev. Emily McNeill, the Lead Organizer with the Labor-Religion Coalition, and Charles Khan, the Organizing Director of the Strong Economy for All Coalition, discussed the need to talk directly about race in order to battle economic inequality. From 9/7/16

We hosted Todd Hobler, the Vice-President and the Director of WNY nursing home division of 1199 SEIU, to explain the dangers caused by nursing home staffing shortages in Western New York. From 9/7/16

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