Celebrating & Preserving Community History


“The William G. Pomeroy Foundation is committed to help people celebrate their community’s history. We are proud to partner with WCNY to further develop this initiative across our region.” ~ Bill Pomeroy, Founder & Trustee


Since 2006, when Bill Pomeroy established the Foundation’s first marker program, we have awarded more than 1,500 grants for roadside markers and plaques nationwide. Markers help educate the public, encourage pride of place, and promote historic tourism. You might be asking, “Why historic markers?” In this WCNY-produced video, Bill explains where his passion for history comes from. The story begins back in the 1950s, when Bill was growing up in Binghamton.


Commemorating History in NYS and Beyond! … One Marker At A Time



Hungry for History

The Hungry for History™ grant program celebrates America’s food history by telling the stories of local and regional prepared food dishes across the United States.


Legends & Lore®

Lake monsters. A lumberjack folk hero. Prohibition wine hidden in beehives. What local legends and folklore are in your community? Tell the story with a Legends & Lore marker.


National Register

A designation to the National Register of Historic Places does not come with signage. That’s why we’re providing grants to public properties and historic districts for a marker or plaque.


NYS History

The most recognizable of our signature marker programs, these blue and yellow markers commemorate historic people, places, things or events in New York State.


Patriot Burials

This special marker series commemorates those who fought or were involved with the struggle for American Independence. These markers are installed at cemeteries and burial sites of American Revolutionary patriots.


Historic Canals

Transportation canals spurred the development of towns and villages, helping to shape the nation. This program commemorates the history of these important transportation canals in the U.S.


History Happened Here!


Produced by WCNY, these 90 second vignettes showcase a range of our roadside markers commemorating historic people, places and things across the Empire State.



Pomeroy Foundation Facts & Numbers

– In 2020, awarded $2.8+ million in grants

– $428,000+ awarded for historic signage

– Since 2006, funded over 1,500 markers and plaques, all the way to Alaska

– Funded 14 different marker grant programs, 4 which are available nationwide

– Hungry for History is first-ever historic roadside marker program dedicated to preserving the stories of regional food specialties across the United States

– Created and hosted the first National Historic Marker Day in 2021

– Interactive, digital marker map available on Foundation’s website: wgpfoundation.org


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