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S07 Ep14: One Life – Mary Howe

Mary Howe, composer, pianist, and music advocate

Mary Howe, composer, pianist, and music advocate

“[G]ates had been opened and I wanted to go into those fields and pastures…that had always seemed the property of other people.  But when I began to compose I felt I had the right to be there.”  – Mary Howe


You may not recognize the name Mary Howe.  She was not only a pianist and composer, she was a strong classical music advocate whose legacy continues into the present day.  This week, we look at the life and music of Mary Howe.


One Life:  Mary Howe

Spring Pastoral
Imperial Philharmonic of Tokyo; William Strickland, conductor
“Mary Howe”
CRI 785

Three Restaurant Pieces
Laura Talbott-Clark, violin; Pi-Ju Chang, piano
“Between Us: Music for Two by Mary Howe”
Navona 6431

Suite for String Quartet and Piano
Catholic University Chamber Arts Society
“Mary Howe”
CRI 785

Vier Gedichte (excerpts)
Christopher A. Leach, tenor; Mary Dibbern, piano
“Mary Howe: Songs and Duets”
Toccata Classics 0634

Interlude Between Two Pieces
Wallace Mann, flute; Emerson Meyers, piano
“Mary Howe”
CRI 785


Run time:  58:30


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