Feminine Fusion

S08 Ep04: Women of Color: Composers, Part 6

Valerie Coleman

Valerie Coleman

“I just want to see the classical music world embracing all music because that is a responsibility of our country.”  – Michelle Cann


We have fantastic music brought to life by women of color.  These composers draw on their talent and their histories to create music that moves us.


“Women of Color, Part 6”


Zenobia Powell Perry:  Homage
Castles of Our Skins
Lorelt 147

Valerie Coleman:  Fanmi Imén
Virginia Broffit Kunzer, flute; Tammie Walker, piano
MSR Classics 1771

Undine Smith Moore:  Soweto
Samantha Edge, piano; Castles of Our Skins
Lorelt 147

Pamela Z:  Louder Warmer Denser
Claire Chase, contrabass flute
“Density 2036, Part VI
New Focus Recordings 350

Florence Price:  Piano Sonata in E Minor
Michelle Cann, piano
Curtis Studio





Feminine Fusion highlights the roles of women in classical music.  Host Diane Jones brings you stories and music of the women who create, perform, and inspire.  Produced in the studios at WCNY-FM.


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