Skills Enrichment


Summer enrichment is vital for the success of our future generation. In any given year, students experience what educators deem the “Summer Slump,” or the period when learning skills degenerate due to declining academic exposure. Notably, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly exacerbated these circumstances. The evidence is clear. There is an immense need for immediate supplemental summer enrichment to close the gap. WCNY, teachers, and community collaborators hope this Skills Enrichment kit builds resilience, recovery, and revival in student’s lives

This PreK-5 centered resource is built on the resilience students have shown in order to expedite student learning recovery and achieve a post-pandemic academic revival across the region. The Skills Enrichment kit emphasizes Mathematics, English Literacy, and Social and Emotional Well Being.

The skills Enrichment kit is not intended to be a summer school program but rather a set of vetted resources to bolster a student’s education. We envision teachers building a personalized toolkit targeting specific learning needs for each student using the resources provided. Then, parents will utilize the prep packet and integrate the provided activities into the student’s regular summer routines.


Overview Video: