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WCNY Television Channels:

PBS (24.1)

Create (24.2)

WORLD (24.3)

PBS KIDS (24.4)


Classic FM | Syracuse 91.3

WUNY-FM | Utica/Rome 89.5

WJNY-FM | Watertown 90.9

Streaming is Available at wcny.org/radio.

The Capitol Pressroom with David Lombardo

Stream the live show daily at 11 a.m. at wcny.org.

Streaming is also available on Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, Stitcher, and Spotify.

Learn more at capitolpressroom.org.

Community FM (HD3)

WCNY 91.3-HD3 | Syracuse

WUNY 89.5-HD3 | Utica

WJNY 90.9-HD3 | Watertown

Streaming is Available at wcny.org/radio.

Oldies (HD2)

WCNY 91.3-HD2 | Syracuse

WUNY 89.5-HD2 | Utica

WJNY 90.9-HD2 | Watertown

Streaming is Available at wcny.org/radio.

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WCNY’s “CONNECT” Magazine

Broadcast Reach:

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