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WCNY: How long does it take to shoot one episode?

Chef Stellino: This year I was solely responsible for a lot of mistakes. I chased so many ideas and most of them proved to be just wrong, in some cases it was devastating because there were so many redoes, just to get the perfect lighting, the perfect imagery and the perfect color we were all so totally focused, our nerves were on edge sometimes. I have been known to be particularly driven and tense at times, “Gladiator” is one of the nicknames I have heard mentioned about me. On some particularly disastrous days, tensions were very high and in some case when the thunderstorms came overhead or when there were planes taking off from the private airport nearby, we often had to retake entire scenes. I developed a new behavioral stance called : “Patience!” In the end this was quite a great fortune for all of us because even under the greatest of pressures we stuck together as a united, coherent team that kept moving forward as a single unit, under the moist difficult of circumstances. I consider this very achievement to be at the center of our success!

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