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All Creatures Great and Small Marathon

Marathon Alert!

Relive all of your favorite moments in the Dales! Join us Mother’s Day weekend (May 9-12) for a special “All Creatures Great and Small” marathon. Whether it’s your first time watching, or you want to relive the delightful tales of country veterinarian James Herriot and his animal adventures, all viewers will be charmed and enchanted by this series.

Special gifts and donation premiums will be offered to viewers who pledge their support during this weekend. Special items include DVD Sets, “Drover’s Arms” Beer Tankard, mugs, and more.

Call 1.800.451.9269 during the special or at any time to request your special “All Creatures Great and Small” gifts.

Your support does more than just keep this show and other beloved Masterpiece programs on the air; it allows WCNY to bring more stories
of compassion, resilience, and the bonds we share with our furry friends to life.

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