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Backstage Pass: Chelsea Opera Company’s “Glory Denied”

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Backstage Pass is your ticket behind the scenes with local arts!  Many thanks to everyone at Chelsea Opera Company for taking time during rehearsals to chat with host Diane Jones.  Here is your web-exclusive look at the opera and the legacy it shares.

Many thanks to these folks from Chelsea Opera:

Leonarda Priore, Co-Founder & Producer
Garrett Heater, Artistic Director and Stage Director
Benjamin Grow, Music Director
Peter Kendall Clark, “Older Thompson”
Wesley Frye, “Younger Thompson”
Joanie Brittingham, “Younger Alyce”

Also thanks to Julia Ebner, “Older Alyce,” who had to leave before we could chat; Sar Shalom-Strong, Asst. Music Director, and Amy Bader, Stage Director



More about this production and Chelsea Opera is available here.

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