Anti-NY Safe Act groups urge “No” vote on ballot propositions

A coalition of anti-NY Safe Act groups is urging its members to “Vote No” on all six proposition questions on the November ballot.   The group sent out a flyer with an accompanying email:

“The Safe Act MUST be REPEALED.  How to fight for Repeal? Grassroots in ACTION! A defeat of all 6 ballot resolutions will be a LOUD Voice from the people and will go a long way toward FULL Repeal of the Safe Act.  ‘They’ will do more than listen to US then! Please help defeat Cuomo and the totally incompetent Albany Legislature.  There is a great reason to VOTE on NOVEMBER 5. The reason is to VOTE NO on ALL 6 Resolutions on the ballot.”   

The flyer itself doesn’t mention the Safe Act, however its message is quite clear,

“Stick it to the politicians: six resolutions on the ballot this year, they ask you to vote they ask you to approve.  Vote NO!”

Tioga County resident, engineer, and citizen activist Denver Jones is one of the coordinators behind the push to vote no on the 6 ballot questions.

He joined Susan Arbetter today on The Capitol Pressroom radio show.

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