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Celebrate Thanksgiving with Classic FM!

Join us on Thanksgiving for an afternoon of music and stories celebrating the season. From 2 to 7 p.m., we’ll mark the holiday with music from wind bands, vocal works sung by Cantus, and a sharing of stories and memories with hosts John Birge and Andrea Blain. Share the holiday with family, friends, and WCNY Classic FM. Listen. Learn. Love.

2 p.m.: Harmony in Autumn
What reminds you of an Autumn day? The crispness in the air? The color changes in the leaves? Here are expressive songs of the season which explore how wind band composers invoke colors in melody and sound.

3 p.m.: My Journey, Yours: A Cantus Immigration Special
My Journey Yours, a program of works anchored by Elise Witt’s piece of the same name, explores the courage of those who leave their homes in search of a brighter future and how they adapt to their new homeland. This program honors the struggle, courage, and deep humanity of migration with music from around the world, as well as a newly-commissioned piece by Melissa Dunphy, one of today’s most compelling compositional voices.

4 p.m.: Giving Thanks: A Celebration of Fall, Food & Gratitude
With music and stories for Thanksgiving, host John Birge creates a thoughtful, contemporary reflection on the meaning of the holiday. Classical music is the heart and soul of the original Giving Thanks. Between the music, no clichés about pilgrims and pumpkin pies. Instead, it’s a contemporary celebration of the spirit of Gratitude. Whether your listeners are early in the kitchen, on the road to a family gathering, or relaxing after the feast, Giving Thanks provides the perfect atmosphere for Thanksgiving: the warmth of great music, and truly memorable words.

6 p.m.: Every Good Thing
This Thanksgiving, host Andrea Blain and classical music fans from around the country take time to give thanks and celebrate one of life’s most meaningful gifts: music. Audiences will hear listeners from across the U.S. share stories about their favorite classical music pieces.

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