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The Enterprise America program, an exciting hands-on program for middle-school students, is available to public, private, parochial and charter schools. The first of its kind in New York State, the program involves classroom instruction, with teachers using curriculum aligned to state and 21st Century learning standards  provided by WCNY. Following the completion of classroom study, students embark on the Enterprise America experience, spending a day in WCNY’s Enterprise America City, which they are responsible for operating.

In the City

Students apply the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and financial and civic literacy skills they have learned to run the city’s 12 businesses and City Hall, becoming business entrepreneurs and employees, consumers and citizens.

  • They enact laws, elect a mayor and judge and enroll in a health insurance program.
  • The business owners negotiate loans at the bank, while their employees get busy manufacturing products and pricing services including webpage design.
  • Business accountants prepare invoices and pay bills.
  • Journalists and photographers write stories and take photos for the city’s online newspaper.
  • Utility company staff explain benefits of alternative energy options to business owners.
  • Students exercise their civic duties by casting votes on city issues on a real voting machine and learn how to manage their money and time.


A Business-to-Business Economy

Students eat their lunches and purchase, with Enterprise America dollars they have earned, healthy snacks in the Enterprise America cafe. They shop in the city’s retail businesses, contribute a portion of their salaries to charity and experience the dangers of texting while driving, using auto simulators. It’s a business-to-business economy, where each student-run company strives to generate enough revenue to pay off its business loan. Students communicate, collaborate and problem solve. In Enterprise America’s real-world, hands-on learning environment, students do the work, make the decisions and learn what careers may demand of them when they enter the workplace. By putting into practice the skills that 21stcentury businesses expect employees to possess, students realize the importance of staying in school for long-term success.

After the Experience

Following the Enterprise America experience, students return to their classrooms where teachers utilize post-experience curriculum to have students write about their job performance, analyze their business operations and calculate and chart survey data. Pre and post program components aid in student assessment. Enterprise America is also an excellent way to engage students in project-based learning.

Partners and Participation

WCNY is proud to partner with OCM BOCES and encourages all OCM BOCES component districts to participate in the Enterprise America program. Cross-contract participation and statewide Cooperative Services (Co-Ser) assistance is available to eligible schools. Charter schools, private and parochial schools and other schools unable to participate in their local BOCES organization, must contact the Enterprise America Manager for enrollment information.


Enterprise America for Middle Schools


To Enroll

Step 1: All schools including public, private, parochial, charter and those unable to participate in their local BOCES should contact the Enterprise America Manager with any program questions or to schedule a tour.

Step 2: Acquire all necessary approval from administration including your district’s finance department.

Step 3: Fill out the date request form.


WCNY is always looking for compassionate and engaging individuals, who enjoy working with students, to help out with the Enterprise America program.

Spend the day in the Enterprise America City at WCNY! Work as a business volunteer with a small group of middle school aged students to help guide and support them when they need a little help. Learn more about being an Enterprise America volunteer from these helpful resources:

Other Volunteer Opportunities

  • City Reset: After a school group leaves the Enterprise America City, there is still much work to be done and many hands make light work. Help WCNY staff with setting up the city for the next school group. Our friendly staff will give clear directions so volunteers feel comfortable to work alongside or independently.
  • Special Programs: We continue to look for ways to grow and expand the Enterprise America program to benefit different audiences. We having programs that are scheduled during special times of the year like winter and spring school break and summer vacation. We also offer a program for homeschool families annually. For more information about how to volunteer for these special programs contact the Enterprise America Manager.


Volunteer Form

To receive updates on volunteer opportunities with WCNY, please complete the volunteer form.