Earth Science


Earth Science Study Resources
This website gets you directly to the Regents exam area for Earth Science with answer booklet for the exam questions and a scoring key and rating guide for various acceptable short answers.
This website has animated and illustrated diagrams with explanations that often show up on the Regents Earth Science exams. This site is especially useful for English language learners. Within each diagram and explanation area, you can click on some practice questions.
This is the Hommock’s Middle School Earth Science Website. The videos and animations are full of excellent visuals that really do an excellent job of breaking down abstract concepts in a straight forward easier to learn manner.
Go here to go practice Regents exam questions by topic with answers. This might also be a good guide for newer teachers to get their test bank questions from.
This website is based on the National Science Education Standards. It has current events, activities, and real world and upcoming events.