Coordinate Geometry

Proving Triangles (Congruence)


Unknown Angles

Rigid Motion


5 Things You Need to Know about Geometry Modeling on the Regents Exam

Unit Conversions


Right Triangle Trigonometry


Volume Modeling

Visit for practice problems, answer keys, and solution videos! A comprehensive review designed to be accessed after watching the WCNY/PBS Regents Review live on the internet, PBS, or Time Warner Cable On-Demand Visit the site!

More Study Resources for the Geometry Regents Exam

Mike Patterson, a Milken Award Winning teacher from Nevada, has created a comprehensive set of curriculum resources available to teachers and students.  He includes teachers’ notes, guided notes for students, worksheets, assessments, answer keys, and video explanations of all topics covered in Common Core Geometry.  Many schools across the country, including many in New York, have used his materials to supplement their curriculum.

Go to for the download.  Then is a place to upload and download interactive applications and demonstrations which were created using Geogebra.  Look around, use what has been posted to see a concept come to life, and upload your own creations.

From the creators of, is Geometry Bits.  They’re site says, Geometry Bits “…is a creative collection of over 560 (and growing) printable and multi-media materials to be used with students studying high school level Geometry as it relates to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Mathematics. Great care was taken to ensure the alignment of these materials with the CCSS domains. While we may not address each standard independently, we do, in the spirit of CCSS, address them collectively. Our motivational materials and math-rich interactive activities will grab your students’ attention and energize their mathematical experiences. Be sure to check out our Table of Contents.”

Engage NY is the New York State Education Department’s site for the Common Core curriculum.  All of the five Geometry modules and accompanying lessons are found here, along with an outline of NYSED’s high school pacing suggestion, “A Story of Functions.”

The PARCC Framework has released a sample Geometry Exam that can be accessed through this link.  Although New York has not yet adopted PARCC, the Common Core curricular shifts are reflected in these test questions.

Apps to consider

Geometry: Constructions Tutor
With Geometry: Constructions Tutor, learn to make constructions with a compass, pencil and straightedge.  Learn constructions by watching animated demonstrations.  Switch to the practice mode and make a construction yourself to test your knowledge.

Geometry Pad
The creators say, “A dynamic geometry application and companion for teaching and learning.   With Geometry Pad, you can create fundamental geometric shapes, explore and change their properties, and calculate metrics.”

Circle Geometry
Circle Geometry is a set of interactive exercises designed to get students actively engaged is solving problems using circumference, area, arc length, area of a sector, area of segment, and the circle theorems.