Living Environment


Regents Review Sites for Living Environment

Vocabulary Review Sites
This site provides definitions of words that are commonly found on the Regents Exam (includes content and content related terms).

Content Review & Practice Questions
This site helps you focus your studying by providing worksheets that can be used with the website. Topics covered by worksheets include ecology, human impact, homeostasis, evolution and reproduction.
This site offers practice questions by topic area and correct answers are in bold.

State Lab Review
This video reviews the 4 state labs of the living environment course.

Review Games
This site provides interactive review games on various topics to help prepare for the exam.

Old Regents Exams
This site provides previous exams and the scoring keys.

Review Packets

This is the “What You Must Know to Pass the NYS Living Environment Regents Exam” packet. This packet lists major topic/ideas that students must know to pass the exam.