Feminine Fusion

February 25, 2018: The Beat Goes On

She-e Wu

She-e Wu

“I am not with the drummer.  I AM the drummer.”  – Michelle Sandlin


It’s been a while since we showcased percussionists on Feminine Fusion.  So here is an opportunity to listen to another group of talented women percussionists.  You may not have heard their names before, but I’m sure they’ll make an impression.


“The Beat Goes On”

Nancy van de Vate:  Two for Two
Jane Boxall, marimba
“Nancy van de Vate: Chamber Music, Vol. IX”
Vienna Modern Masters 2055

Susie Ibarra:  Drum Sketch No. 1
Susie Ibarra, percussion
“Drum Sketches”
Innova 677

Keiko Abe:  Michi
Rebecca Kite, marimba
CD Baby

Jeffrey Dennis Smith:  Tiger Dance
Julia Gaines, marimba
Ian Mcclaflin, Matt Steins, Kyle Bauche, Ben Gervais – percussion
“Tiger Dance”
Centaur 3509

Eric Ewazen:  Northern Lights
She-e Wu, marimba
CD Baby


Run time:  59:00

Feminine Fusion highlights the roles of women in classical music. Host Diane Jones brings you stories and music of the women who create, perform, and inspire. Produced in the studios at WCNY-FM.

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