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Emmy Award Winner for HBO’s hit TV show VEEP as Set Decorator; the talented Kimberly Wannop visited The Basement. When asked what a set decorator’s job is, Kim responded: “To be sure the characters feel present in the space even when actors aren’t physically on the set, that is my job.” She is not only a master of this complex and meticulous process of decorating television and movie sets, but she is one of the most caring and fun experts we have had on the show. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to learn from the Set Decorator behind popular TV shows such as The Good Place, Parks and Recreation, Love, VEEP, and For All Mankind.

WCNY congratulates Francisco Suarez! From Suarez’s Basement is the winner of another prestigious worldwide award for podcasting. The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences selected it as the Best Educational Podcast at the Anthem Awards. The 2nd Annual competition received nearly 2,000 entries from 43 countries worldwide. The Anthem Awards are defining a new standard for impactful work that inspires others to take action in their communities by amplifying the voices that spark global change. Professor Suarez dedicates this recognition to all students, faculty, and the general audience listening to his podcast! Just a few months ago, “From Suarez’s Basement” had the honor of also being recognized with a Silver Signal Award.

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