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Innovate to Educate, Episode 7 – “Peaceful Schools” at Fulton City Schools

Fulton City School District has invested in building a strong student-centered, needs driven, healing centered approach to building a welcoming and affirming environment. Leveraging a multi-tiered system of support framework, they have built a foundation of pro-active and responsive strategies to teach and promote social competence, and to respond to misbehavior as an opportunity to learn from mistakes, address harm and repair relationships. Peaceful Schools has partnered with Fulton to provide a continuum of support through embedded Social Emotional Learning Interventionists, with one staff member working with each of the six Fulton school buildings. In this episode, host Jody Manning speaks with Dr. Lura Lunkenheimer, President of Peaceful Schools, and with Elizabeth Tiffany, Director of Student Support Services at Fulton City Schools.

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