Show Name Age range Topic Program Description Educational Objective(s) Link to Paper Activity Sheets
Arthur 4-8 yrs Reading & Writing Based on children's books by Marc Brown, Arthur chronicles the adventures of Arthur (an 8-year-old aardvark) through stories that explore issues faced by real kids. It is a comedy that tells these stories from a kid's point of view without moralizing or talking down. Situations ion Arhtur develop in realistic ways and don't always turn out as viewers - or Arthur and his friends - might expect. Helps foster an interest in reading and writing, encourages positive social skills, and models age-appropriate problem-solving strategies. Link
Caillou 3-5 yrs Soft Skills (Imagination), cognitive thinking, nd vocabulary Watch Caillou's life as he explores his surroundings using make believe. Through this show children are encouraged to be more imaginative and pla-prend since it is actually very important to the development of creating thinking. To learn that using your imagination is important, useful and valuable through playing "make-believe"; role-playing to teach children to cope with strong emotions like anger, sadness, and jealousy to accomplish feats never thought possible; foster more advanced cognitive development and improves ability to dintiguish between appearances and reality. None
Clifford the Big Red Dog (note: there are a number of "classic episodes" with a rollout of new episodes. Beginning in late 2019, with a bit of a new look. ) 3-7 yrs Social/Soft Skills Clifford uses classic storytelling to help young children navigate a community that is continually changing and expanding. Each half-hour episode follows Clifford and his pals as they interact with each other and the inhabitants of Birdwell Island. The stories are fun, gentle, andkid-relatable, dealing with issues that all kids experience whether it's bragging, sharing, or learning to tell the truth. More importantly, they learn that it's fun to discover the world. The series presents universal social and emotional messages to young children and teach that the world is out there to be discovered. Link
Cyberchase 8-11 years Mathematics In the world of Cyberchase, the dastardly villain Hacker is on a mad mission to overthrow Motherboard and take over Cyberspace with the help of his blundering henchbots, Buzz and Delete. But Motherboard enlists the help of three curious kids, Inez, Jackie, and Matt, and their cyberpal, Digit, to stop him. Their weapon: brain power. In For Real, the live-action segment following each animated episode, Harry and Bianca show kids how math can help solve life’s wacky problems in the real world. Developed for kids ages 8 to 11 and packed with mystery, humor, and action, Cyberchase delivers positive messages about math by teaching concepts in a fun way that kids can understand. The series and supporting web games and activities deliver positive messages about math and inspire all children to approach math with confidence and a "can-do" attitude Link
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood 2-5 yrs Social-Emotional Skills Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is an animated program that builds on the pioneering PBS series Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. This series tells its engaging stories about the life of a preschooler using musical strategies grounded in Fred Rogers' landmark social-emotional curriculum. Integrates imagination, creativity, and music to help children learn the key social skills necessary for school and for life. Link
Dinosaur Train 2-5 yrs Science & Paleontology The main character Buddy, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, explores his home alongside his brother, parents, friends, and other siblings by going on a journey across the land by train, of course! Through visits to different types of prehistoric lands, Dinosaur Train utilizes children's interest with dinosaurs and trains to teach children about paleontology, natural history, and life science, and encourages them to ask questions about their own world. Sparks interest in life science, natural science, and paleontology; develops children's inquiry skills to help children think like scientists; inspires children to visit local science and natural history museums. Link
Esme & Roy 4-6 yrs Social - emotional This animated series from the makers of "Sesame Street" follows youngsters Esme and her best monster friend, Roy, on adventures in Monsterdale, where they are considered the best "monstersitters." In their colorful world, Esme and Roy use the power of play to help toddler monsters overcome big challenges and work through familiar situations, such as trying new foods and feeling frightened during thunderstorms. Help children learn how to manage emotions with simple mindfulness practices. None
Let's Go Luna! 4-7 yrs Social Studies Let's Go Luna! follows the adventurs of three friends - Leo, a wombat from Australia; Carmen, a butterfly from Mexico; and Andy, a frog from the U.S. - as they travel the globe with their parents' traveling performance troupe, "Circo Fabuloso." At each of the troupe's stops, Luna the Moon guides the trio as they explore the local region and its people. The gang's adventures take through through cities around the world, discovering the food, music, art, architecture, and other features that make each place distinctive. Encourages kids to explore global culture and make connections between communities all over the word; integrates concepts of anthropology, history, ecology, geography, and sociology; shows the importance of family, friends, and the role we all have in our communities. Link
Martha Speaks 4-7 yrs Vocabulary One day Martha the dog is accidentally fed alphabet soup, which gains her the ability to speak English as a result of the pasta letters going to her brain. She is curious as well as perceptive and sometimes that gets her into trouble. Through the humor in these scenes, children take an interest in the new vocbulary that is introduced. The series teaches kids new words; increases oral vocabulary; and teaches up to 20 words in each show Link
Molly of Denali 4-8 yrs Informational Text Molly Mabray, a Native Alaskan goes on adventures around the state with her dog, Suki. The show focuses on the culture and history of Alaskan Native peoples, including common past times, vocabulary, and some of the struggles faced in preserving Native culture. As many Alaskan natives provide input and work alongside the creators, the show also provides a positive portrayal of Native people in the media, both real and fictional, which encourages a diverse perspective on society. This series is designed to help develop knowledge and skills for interacting with informational texts through video content, interactive gams, and real-world acitivites Link
Nature Cat 3-8 yrs Natural World (Outdoors) Nature Cat follows Fred, a house cat who dreams of exploring the great outdoors. In each episode, once his family leaves for the day, Fred transforms into Nature Cat, “backyard explorer extraordinaire.” Nature Cat can’t wait to get outside, but there’s one problem: he’s a house cat with no instincts for nature. Like many of today’s kids, Nature Cat is enthusiastic about outdoor activities, but is sometimes intimidated by them. With the help of his animal friends, Nature Cat embarks on exciting missions full of nature investigation, inspiring children to go outside and “play the show This series teaches concepts related to the natural world; reconnects children with the natural world; motivates children to observe, ask questions, and invetigate the natural world; promotes awareness of the need for environmental stewardship and conversation. Link
Odd Squad 5-8 yrs Mathematics A secret agency run by kids with cool gadgets investigate cases of unusual happenings. From characters escaping books, time travel, and more, the events are truly a spectacle. Through math and logic, the agents go on missions to figure out the cause of these events, and show good examples of teamwork, perseverance, and problem-solving using humor. Children are able to learn better math skills in all sorts of mathematics, including geometry, measuring, data, algebra, counting, and number relationships. The Odd Squad members investigate weird and unusual phenomena and use math to put things right emphasizing problem solving, team work, & perserverance. None
Peep and the Big Wid World 3-5 yrs Science In a neighborhood park, three birds named Peep, Quack, and Chirp explore their surroundings. They ask questions and observe their environment, covering topics such as animals, nature, math, sound, shapes, and movement. Each episode is then followed by live action videos of real children exploring a similar concept to the show, but this time letting viewers see how this information applies to real life. This series inspires interest in science through investigation and exploration of the world Link
Peg + Cat 3-5 yrs Mathematics Peg + Cat is an animated math-based series. The show follows adorable, spirited Peg and her sidekick Cat as they embark on adventures, solve problems together, and learn foundational math concepts and skills. In each episode, Peg and Cat face "a really big problem" and a messy, funny crisis that they must somehow solve without getting too excited! Inspires natural curiosity about math and help develop new skills and strategies for solving problems creatively in their daily lives. Link
Pinkalicious & Peteriffic 3-5 yrs Arts & Soft Skills including creative thinking Pinkalicious andher brother Peter experiment with the arts, helping promote music, dance, visual arts, and creative thinking in general. The characters make art projects, and are always thinking of new ways to express themsleves. The episodes end with a live action sequence and song, with afocus on creativity as a positive attribute. Creativity helps children not only learn that communiation comes in many forms, but also helps them build better cognitive and emotional skills. The series deepens understanding of the arts; models the power of teamwork and creative thinking to approach problems; highlights themes of everyday/everywhere art, community through art, and communicating through art; encourages social-emotional skills like self-awareness and individuality, social awareness, and relationalship skills and resilience and perseverance. Link
Ready Jet Go! 3-8 yrs Space, Earth Science, & Technology Curiosity about space starts as soon as kids are old enough to look up at the night sky and begin to wonder: what's up there? Who better to ask about space than someone who's actually been there - an alien boy named Jet Propulsion. Kids learn alongside a seasoned space traveler. Ready Jet Go! is a kid's first introduction to space, earth science, and technology, presented in an entertaining and engaging way that will inspire a life-long interest. As an alien from Borton 7, Jet sees our Planet Earthlike we want our kids to see it: with a sense of curiosity and wonder. The series inspires life-long interest and appreciation for the solar system while learning about friendship and teamwork along the way. Link
Sesame Street 2-5 yrs Early cognitive and social skills Since 1969, children and adults have come to the street where multiethnic, multigenertional, and evey multispecies residents coexist in harmony. The people on this very special street learn life's lessons together, provide viewers with stron role models, and teach children that everyone brings a special ability to the community. Here children learn to use their imaginations, build social skills, and respect people's differences. Giving kids honest answers to tough questions has made Sesame Street one of the most popular children's television programs in the world. Teaches children that everyone brings a special ability to the community. Introduces early cognitive and social skill.s Link
Sid the Science Kid 3-6 yrs Science Sid the Science Kid is an animated television series using comedy to promote the fun of scientific exploration to preschoolers. The series combines a practical science curriculum, with music and humor to ignite children’s natural curiosity about science in everyday life. The inquisitive Sid starts each episode with a new question (“Why do bananas get mushy?”) and embarks on a fun-filled day of finding answers with the help of family and friends. Sid makes the link between kids’ instinctive curiosity and scientific exploration, and preschoolers’ questions often involve the same big ideas that scientists investigate. Comedy and music are used in this series to promote exploration, discovery and science readiness among preschoolers. None
Splash and Bubbles 4-7 yrs Science: Marine Biology/Oceanography and Social/Emotional skills Splash moves from his old home to a new part of the ocean, in which he becomes friends with Bubbles. They go on adventures throughout the water and navigate through the ocean. The show not only talks about environmental impacts that humans make, but also covers important social concepts such as diversity, emotional connections, and individuality. Inspire interest in the natural undersea world; theme of divrsity, individuality, interconnectedness, and the celebration of learning and discovery; shows the importance of taking care of the ocean and one another. Link
Super WHYI 3-6 yrs Literacy and Social Skills Four fairytale friends go on magical adventures and become reading-powered superheroes. The characters live in Storybook Village, which is accessible through a panel that is represented by an invisible question mark. Preschool children follow the Super Readers as they jump into books that come to life. Promotes reading as a powerful, meaningful experience through adventure in stories; learn key literacy skills; teaches preschool social skills. None
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! 3-6 yrs Science & Engineering Two children named Sally and Nick, along with the help of the Cat in the Hat go on various quests to discover why, what, and how things happen in the environment. Sally and Nick work together to go through the scientific process of asking questions, observing, predicting, collecting data, and discussing results, to encourage interest in science and engineering, all while making the experience fun through songs, rhymes, and a lot of humorous dialogue. Sparks a love of learning and an interest in science and engineering; cultivates positive views about science and scientists. Link
Wild Kratts 6-8 yrs Science (animals) Young viewers can identify with the Wild Kratts culturally diverse role models: smart, fun, confident, enthusiastic animal characters. Science content is seamlessly integrated with the stories to help children learn about the world and science as the animal characters apply their new knowledge to complete the mission – whether it be exploring the never-before-seen deep sea, or finding out why worms come out of the ground when it rains. Teaches children about natural history and science by building on their natural interest in animals; develops and strengthens basic skills of observation and investigation that children will use increasingly as they continue their study of science. None but a fun creaturepedia online option
WordGirl 4--9 yrs ELA - Literacy Wordgirl and her sidekick Mr. Huggy Face, save the world from villians using both her super strength and her power to use large vocabulary. Throughout the show’s plot, new vocabulary is introduced and reinforced through repetitive use in context, helping children to better identify words and their meanings when they read. The show also provides positive role models for underrepresented groups, as many of the characters frequently come back into the plot as they are a part of her community. Teaches new words and reinforces their meaning in a variety of contexts throughut the episode; enriches vocabulary, instills love of language, and fosters better reading comprehension; provides role-models for chiildren illustrating the power of words within a rewarding social/emotional and cultural context that includes positive character models from groups underrepresented or negatively stereotypes in the mainstream media, promoting the value of our diverse society None
WordWorld 3-5 yrs Literacy A goofy group of animals are ‘WordFriends’ that teach preschool kids how to solve problems by building the right word. They journey on funny adventures together discovering that letters form words and that words have meanings. Characters like brainiac Frog and fun-loving Dog learn the alphabet on “WordWorld.” The series fascinates children with words and to inspire a love of words and reading; empower children to make important connections between letters, sounds, words, and meaning that are necessary for reading None
Xavier Riddle 4-7 yrs Emotional Skills & History/Social Studies Based on the children’s book series Ordinary People Change the World by New York Times bestselling author Brad Meltzer and illustrator Christopher Eliopoulos, the series introduces kids to inspiring historical figures and the character virtues that helped them succeed.  showing kids that they can be change-makers through the relatable stories of history’s most iconic figures. The series follows the adventures of Xavier Riddle, his sister Yadina and their friend Brad. In each episode, the three face a problem and must turn to the Secret Museum to help them solve it. The Secret Museum allows the three friends to travel back in time to meet real-life historical figures when they were kids. Characters travel back in time to learn from real-life inspirational figures; empowers children to dream big and recognize their ability to make a real and meaningful difference in the world; encourages children to believe in themsevles; encourage positive character qualities; appreciate and avalue historical figures and the attributes that make them heros; learn about societal issues and historical events Link