Let’s Do Something Wonderful


Let’s do something wonderful

Typically WCNY comes to you, our loyal supporters, twice a year to ask for your support of the upcoming on-air pledge drives. That time is over! On September 23, 2017 we celebrated pledge-free on WCNY-TV for 10 years and now for the first time ever, WCNY Classic FM is pledge-free. A public radio listener’s dream come true! 

This is a significant change from the traditional 16 days of on-air pledge each year. This is only possible with your help. Help us do something wonderful! By investing today in the Classic FM Challenge Fund, you encourage listeners to step forward and become members. Pledge-free Classic FM is only possible with your support.

Investing in the Classic FM Challenge Fund helps WCNY keep the promise that we made to eliminate on-air pledge drives and bring you more of what you tune in for each day, the best of 600 years of classical music.