Feminine Fusion

March 9-15, 2019: Celebrating Women’s History Month

Germaine Tailleferre

Germaine Tailleferre

“If we stand tall, it is because we stand on the shoulders of many ancestors.”  – African proverb



March is Women’s History Month, so this week we’ll hear music composed by women over the centuries.  Strong shoulders, indeed, upon which contemporary composers and performers can stand and look to the future.


Celebrating Women’s History Month


Francesca Caccini:  Dov’io credea (from La liberazione di Ruggiero dall’isola d’Alcina)
Ingrid Matthews, violin; Byron Schenkman, harpsichord
“Canzone da Sonar”
Centaur 2529

Clara Schumann:  Four Fugitive Pieces, Op. 15
Angela Cheng, piano
“Piano Music of Clara & Robert Schumann”
CBD 1087

Bianca Maria Meda:  Cari Musici
Ars Femina Ensemble
“Non Tacete!”
Nannerl Recordings 002

Germaine Tailleferre:  Sonata for Violin & Piano in C# minor
The Macalester Trio
“Chamber Works by Women Composers”
VoxBox 5029

Hildegard of Bingen:  Caritas habundat in omnia
“Canticles of Ecstasy”
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 77320 2


Run time:  58:29


Feminine Fusion highlights the roles of women in classical music. Host Diane Jones brings you stories and music of the women who create, perform, and inspire. Produced in the studios at WCNY-FM.

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