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May 18, 2022: Chelsea Opera, The Parting

Chelsea Opera - Cast of "The Parting" by Tom Cipullo

Chelsea Opera – Cast of “The Parting” by Tom Cipullo



Chelsea Opera is preparing the New York premiere of “The Parting,” by Tom Cipullo.  We were treated not only to conversation, but wonderful performances from the cast.  Joining us in the studios were:  Leonarda Priore, founder of Chelsea Opera; Jestin Pieper, assistant conductor for the production, and the cast:  Peter Kendall Clark (“Miklos Radnoti”); Laura Dixon Strickling (“Fanni Garamati” – a role written specifically for her); and Sarah Hertzel (“Death”).  We talked about this moving opera, and listened to these incredible singers.


More about Chelsea Opera can be found here.


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