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New Local Cooking Show Premiering on WCNY-TV

WCNY, Central New York’s public communications organization, is thrilled to announce that a new cooking show is coming to WCNY-TV, premiering March 26 at 9 p.m.

“Spatchcock Funk,” is a fun, no-holds-barred cooking show making its debut on WCNY-TV, streaming services, and across PBS television stations. Hosted by Matt Read, the show covers everything from easy-to-follow recipes for delicious food and killer cocktails to how to throw the perfect party.

“WCNY is excited to introduce this cutting-edge and entertaining cooking show to the PBS family of great cooking shows,” said Mitch Gelman, president and CEO of WCNY. “Created and crafted in Central New York, the collaboration with Matt, Alex, and the Spatchcock Funk team enhances our ability to serve the community—and the nation—through captivating and mouth-watering programming.”

The show has two co-founders, Alex DeRosa, the director and visionary, and Matt Read, the host and chef, and an entire crew that shows up at the parties in each episode. It takes the typical cooking show format and cracks it wide open, with a little more flair, some cheeky jokes, and an open invitation to anyone looking to spice things up in the kitchen.

“Our goal with ‘Spatchcock Funk’ was to give people a reason to spend time with their friends and family and understand the importance of that,” said Matt Read, host and co-founder of Spatchcock Funk. “We want to lead the charge for bringing people together over cocktails, food, and anything that makes us feel whole. We’re all better together. Being together with a beer or two doesn’t hurt either.”

The 10-part television series will air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. through the end of May on WCNY-TV. The series is sponsored by the William G. Pomeroy Foundation and Bear Creek Restaurant Inc.

For a preview of the show, visit https://youtu.be/iXBPfVO1Z-8?si=ZN8M-8-iDlIZA1lz. To learn more about Spatchcock Funk, visit spatchcockfunk.com. For viewing information, visit wcny.org/wheretowatch.

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