Newly minted NYSUT President Karen Magee on WCNY’s ‘The Capitol Pressroom’

April 17, 2014 — After her election on April 6, newly minted NYSUT President Karen Magee received a congratulatory phone call from Governor Cuomo and a visit from State Education Commissioner John King. While critical of both men’s policies, Magee was particularly hard on Commissioner King. “I very clearly presented to the Commissioner that my members have taken a ‘vote of no confidence,'” Magee said on WCNY’s The Capitol Pressroom. “They have no confidence in him and they wish he would resign.”

Magee sat down with Capitol Pressroom host Susan Arbetter to discuss her priorities for the teachers’ union. “My mandate is to engage our rank and file members and have a grassroots effort to move this union forward. The issues that face us today are basically the issues of funding, fair and equitable funding, the ability to ensure that every child has that equal education regardless of where they are from, regardless of where they live–whether it’s an economically disadvantaged area or an area that is rich in resources.”

Listen to The Capitol Pressroom interview here.


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