Feminine Fusion

November 6, 2016: All Of Us Together

Camerata Romeu, with conductor & founder, Zenaida Romeu

Camerata Romeu, with conductor & founder, Zenaida Romeu


“I will never accept defeat.  I will continue to play music. I do not feel safe, but when people see me and say, ‘That is Negin Khpalwak’, that gives me energy.”  – Negin Khpalwak



Zenaida Romeu founded Camerata Romeu 23 years ago, with the desire to show the parity between men and women in her native Cuba.  She believes that women and men approach music differently.  With women, she says, “it’s more angelic, more comfortable.”  The ensemble hasn’t visited the United States in more than 15 years, but their hope is to return again soon.

Halfway across the globe, 19-year-old Negin Khpalwak approached her school administrators with a request to form an orchestra.  In a culture where most music is frowned upon, she and the members of her orchestra very literally take their lives into their own hands at each performance.

Yet both of these ensembles share a common goal – to highlight the music and instruments of their respective cultural heritage, alongside familiar Western classical works.  Host Diane Jones will share their stories and music with you on this episode of Feminine Fusion.


“All Of Us Together”

Calixto Alvarez: Pregoneros and Invitacion al son
Jorge L. Martin:  Medico de Pianos
Eduardo Gamboa:  Canambu
Oscar Ildez/Zenaida Romeu:  Rosa Roja
Moises Simons/Roberto Valera:  Manisero
Ernesto Lecuona/Roberto Valera:  Danza Lucumi and A la Antigua
Cervantes/Zenaida Romeu:  Improvisada and Cortesana
Armando Romeu/Roberto Valera:  Cuba Mia
Luis Cardenas/Zenaida Romeu:  He Perdido Contigo
R. Prats/Zenaida Romeu:  Jugando Contigo
Erman L. Nussa/Roberto Valera:  Momo
Camerata Romeu
Zenaida Romeu, cond.
“Cuba Mia” (Soundtrack)
Arkadia Records 873002


Sadie Harrison:  Gulistan-e Nur:  The Rosegarden of Light (Interludes)
Ensemble Zohra
“The Rosegarden of Light”
Toccata Classics



Run time: 58:44

Feminine Fusion highlights the roles of women in classical music.  Host Diane Jones brings you stories and music of the women who create, perform and inspire.  Produced in the studios at WCNY-FM.

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