Gov. David Paterson talks about hydrofracking, Stringer endorsement, March on Washington

Susan Arbetter, host of WCNY’s The Capitol Pressroom, spoke with Gov. David Paterson on Aug. 20, about his endorsement of Scott Stringer for New York City Comptroller, his thoughts on hydrofracking and the anniversary of the March on Washington.

Paterson explained why he endorsed his friend of 30 years, Scott Stringer, for New York City Comptroller, and not Gov. Eliot Spitzer, whom he had served under as lieutenant governor before  Spitzer resigned.

“Now I hope Scott Stringer wins because I think he has participated in the process consistently as [Manhattan] Borough President for the last eight years, has been steady–when  he starts a job, he finishes it—and is widely appreciated for the work that he has done, and I think he has really earned the right to run for Comptroller and he did it by going through the campaign finance system—the good government way,” Paterson said

On hydrofracking, Paterson said Gov. Cuomo is in a tough spot, just as he was.  “If you do not do hydrofracking and it starts taking business out of the state, they are going to roast poor Gov. Cuomo, who is trying to do the right thing,” Patterson said. “On the other hand, if he does the hydrofracking and you find out years down the road, that it was a public safety issue, then all I would say to people who complain is, walk a mile in his shoes, spend a minute where you have to make the decision and I think you will have understand why he is trying to get it right.”

Finally, Paterson discussed the legacy of the Civil Rights movement, particularly the March on Washington. Paterson said that especially since President Obama took office, people make more “post-racial” political decisions, “where the candidate’s issues are more important than their color their religion or their background.” However, he did note that 50 years after the March, there are still many economic and opportunity racial divides.

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