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Watch the real-time spread of coronavirus in the U.S. with the PBS NewsHour Embeddable Map

This FAQ features answers from scientists, doctors and public health experts are updated as our understanding of the virus evolves.

Twice a week, the PBS NewsHour goes live addressing viewer concerns about the coronavirus outbreak across social platforms in real-time.

Wednesday 4/22, 2:00 PM ET: Coronavirus and the human body. Q&A with Jon Cohen of Science Magazine on what the virus does to the body and the potential lasting impacts after having the virus.
Friday 4/24, 2:00 PM ET: Employee rights during the pandemic. Q&A with a guest about what rights employees have during this unprecedented time.

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Voices from Coronavirus Isolation: A PBS NewsHour Special Podcast
In this special podcast episode, PBS NewsHour correspondent Lisa Desjardins and digital arts editor Joshua Barajas talk to listeners — a school principal without students, a domestic worker with no work, a business owner without a business, and a comedian without a crowd — about how they’re coping.