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Radio Remix seeks community input for reprogramming of WCNY HD2, HD3 radio stations

WCNY, Central New York’s public broadcaster, launched its 19-county Radio Remix engagement campaign today to seek the public’s ideas as it remixes, remakes, and creates new content on its HD2 and HD3 radio stations.

Content could include news, sports, finance, business, film talk, politics, music, podcasts, kids, family, history, science and technology, health and wellness, community matters, or something else!

To provide feedback and ideas, visit, email, call (315) 453-2424, send ideas to 415 W. Fayette St., Syracuse, NY 13204, or visit WCNY on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

The campaign runs through May 31. All submissions will be automatically entered to win a Sonos Play:1 smart speaker.

“As Central New York’s public broadcaster, we are dedicated to providing the communities we serve with dynamic, informative, and enriching content,” said Mitch Gelman, WCNY President & CEO. “We want our listeners’ input as we create the next generation of programming on the HD2 and HD3 radio stations that we deliver to WCNY’s 19-county broadcast area and beyond.”

What is HD Radio?

HD Radio is a technology that allows radio stations to use their existing radio frequency to carry additional channels of digital content. It also allows for some convenience features, such as displaying the name of the artist and song, and the name of the station, on the screens of HD capable radios.

HD Radio technology allows stations to put up to four additional channels in the same space that used to be occupied by a single channel while simultaneously allowing traditional FM radios to continue to receive the main channel.

When a radio is HD compatible, you will see the name or call letters of the station on the radio’s display followed by HD2, HD3 and/or HD4. Each of these channels of content can be completely different.

How can I listen to HD Radio?

Most cars manufactured in the last five years have HD capable radios installed by default. For home use, there are numerous electronics manufacturers making both stereo components and tabletop radios that are HD compatible. Many home theater systems also now come with HD capable tuners built into them.

Haley Dubnoff
Director, Marketing, Communications & Creative Services
415 W. Fayette St.
Syracuse, NY 13204
(315) 385-7317

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