‘Regents Review 2.0’ helps students prepare for New York State Regents exams

The New York State Regents exams are just around the corner, and you can help your students prepare for the exams with “Regents Review 2.0,” a free broadcast and online service presented by New York State’s public broadcasters.

“Regents Review 2.0,” New York students’ favorite Regents test-preparation program, includes study television episodes, online instructional videos, and supplemental materials.

The shows air on public broadcasting stations across New York starting the first week of May, and also are available at the online at WCNY will air the programs May 3 and 4 from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. on both days.

“The Regents Review 2.0” website,, is a companion resource which features videos segmented by topic and section including U.S History & Government, Global History and Geography, Living Environment, Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics, Common Core English Language Arts, Common Core Algebra I, Common Core Algebra II, and Common Core Geometry.

In addition to watching the shows, the website features the shows broken into topical segments. A list of teacher- recommended online resources for each exam is also available.

Regents Review is supported by WCNY, the Association for Public Broadcasting, Mohawk Valley Community College and NYSUT with additional production support from New York State Teacher Centers and the Association of Mathematics Teachers of New York State.

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