‘Roadtrip Nation’ to air Sundays Feb. 3 to March 24 on PBS

WCNY will air eight weekly episodes of “Roadtrip Nation,” a series about four friends who navigate their future careers after graduating from college. It airs at 6:30 p.m. Sundays on PBS (24.1), from Feb. 3 to March 24. The series airs after “Double Down,” WCNY’s academic quiz show.

The friends travel around the nation, stopping to interview people, including major business leaders. They learn about what motivates them to work in meaningful jobs. The stories of the interviewees are a source of inspiration and assistance for young adults trying to determine their own career aspirations and destinies. In an era of decreasing high school graduation rates “Roadtrip Nation” can help young adults think about their futures, the need for education to achieve career goals and the importance of making career choices that bring personal satisfaction.

“Roadtrip Nation” also has a non-profit organization, (, with educational resources for “Roadtrip Nation’s” archive of interviews. There is an interactive and project-based curriculum for middle school, high school, and college students called “The Roadtrip Nation Experience.” The experience takes education out of classrooms and into the real world using 21st century skills and activity-based learning. WCNY’s education department will utilize a part of this curriculum in its educational programs.

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