Feminine Fusion

S06 Ep23: These Hallowed Halls


“I already knew what I wanted to say – I just needed the tools to express myself.” – Anna Clyne

Some composers will barely acknowledge any music they composed as a student. As they grow in years and experiences, their younger work can feel as though it is something “less.”  This week, we’ll share recordings of works from the student years of some of the best women composing today.  Some of theese composers have gone on to earn tremendous recognition, including two Pulitzer Prize winners and a Pulitzer finalist.  Let’s stroll These Hallowed Halls, filled with music.


These Hallowed Halls


Jessie Montgomery:  Starburst
Sphinx Virtuosi; Julian Wachner, conductor
Azica Records 71302

Joan Tower:  Black Topaz
Chris Gekker, trumpet; Jonathan Haas and Deborah Moore, percussion; Laura Flax, clarinet;
Stephen Gosling, piano; Mike Powell, trombone; Patricia Spencer, flute
“Joan Tower: Black Topaz”
New World 80470

Libby Larsen:  Three Pieces for Treble Wind and Guitar
Caroline Hartig, clarinet; Christopher Kachian, guitar
“Dancing Solo”
Innova 512

Jennifer Higdon:  Soliloquy
Dinah Woods, oboe
Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra; Sean O’Boyle, conductor
ABC Classics 4767929

Jennifer Margaret Barker:  The Enchanted Glen
Melanie Richards, clarinet; Jennifer Margaret Barker, piano
New World 862

Anna Clyne:  <<rewind<<
BBC Symphony Orchestra; André de Ridder, conductor
“Anna Clyne: Mythologies”
Avie 2434

Jessie Montgomery:  Strum
Catalyst Quartet
Azica Records 71302



Run time:  58:30


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