Feminine Fusion

S07 Ep28: Looking South, Part 3

Compass South

“Music can do so many different things.  It can bind an audience together, start a revolution, and heal people.”  – Jenny McLeod


We continue our trek around the world with a trip to the Southern hemisphere.  Music from South America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.  There may even be a stop in Antarctica.


“Looking South, Part 3”

Adelaide Pereira da Silva:  Piano Suite No. 2 (excerpts)
Luciana Soares, piano
“Brasileira: Piano Music by Brazilian Women”
Centaur 2680

Adina Izarra:  El Amolador
Manuela Weisler, flute
“Small is Beautiful:  Short Pieces for Solo Flute:
BIS 869

Liza Lim:  How Forests Think (excerpts)
Elision Ensemble; Wei Wu, sheng
“The Wreck of Former Boundaries: Elision Ensemble at 30”
HCR 13

Jenny McLeod:  Three Celebrations
New Zealand Symphony Orchestra; Uwe Grodd, conductor
“Jenny McCleod: The Emperor and the Nightingale”
Naxos 857261

Ayo Bankole:  Nigerian Suite
Rebeca Omordia, piano
“Ekele: African Classical Piano Music”
Heritage 188




Run time:  58:29

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