Feminine Fusion

S07 Ep29: Looking East, Part 3

Compass East

“In my pieces I aim to create something captivating, magical, touching, inspiring. It doesn’t matter if the work is meant for a young piano student or the audience of the National Ballet … I cannot be satisfied with my work unless I aim high.”  – Alexina Louie



We travel to Asia this week, to hear the partnership of traditional eastern and “classical” western music.  These artists create works that are familiar, while bringing something new to our ears.


“Looking East, Part 3”


Bill Whelan: Emerald Tiger
Vanessa-Mae, violin
Sony 90895

Claude Debussy: Préludes, Book 2, No. 1 – Brouillards
Duo Imaginaire
“Japanese Echoes: Hommage à Claude Debussy”
TYXArt 17099

Kumiko Omura: À travers le brouillard
Duo Imaginaire
“Japanese Echoes: Hommage à Claude Debussy”
TYXArt 17099

Chan-Hae Lee: Frozen Land (excerpt)
Sang-Hie Lee & Martha Thomas, piano
“Globe Travel Homeland”
Ravello Records 8076

Jyotsna Srikanth: Thillana – Raga Shansashri – Adi Talam
Jyotsna Srikanth, violin
Justyna Jablonska, cello; Sunaad Anoor, percussion
“Songs for Cello and Carnatic Violin”
Stitch Records

Su Lian Tan: Life in Wayang (excerpt)
Jupiter Quartet
Arsis 181

Alexina Louie: Warrior, from Scenes from a Jade Terrace
Susan Chan, piano
“East West Encounter”
MSR Classics 1245


Run time:  58:29

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