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S08 Ep34: Elemental Music, Part 4

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“I hope the OCEAN CALLING series will help renew our connection with this vital life source and its vast, mysterious realms, and that we will hear the calls from the sea that we are one.”  – Meira Warshauer


Earth, air, fire, and water.  Our understanding of the four elements has changed over the centuries.  And still, they touch the artists’ heart, inspiring awe and creativity.


“Elemental Music, Part 4”


Judith Lang Zaimont:  falling drops (Rainshower)
Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra; Neils Muus, conductor
“Pure Cool (Water)
Sorel Classics 003

Meredith Monk:  Return to Earth, from ATLAS
Musica Sacra; Richard Westenburg, director
“Music Redefined”
Catalyst 61878

Shulamit Ran:  East Wind
Patricia Spencer, flute
“Music by Shulamit Ran”
Bridge 9052

Ruby Fulton:  Wind Telephone
Heidi Radtke, saxophone
“Convergence: Music for Saxophone & Fixed Media”
Navona 6608

Elisabetta Brusa:  Firelights
National Symphony Orchestra of the Ukraine; Fabio Mastrangelo, conductor
“Elisabetta Brusa: Orchestral Works, Vol. 3”
Naxos 555267

Meira Warshauer:  Ocean Calling (excerpts)
Phillip Bush & Elizabeth Loparits, pianos
“Ocean Calling”
Navona 6535


Run time:  58:30

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