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S5-01: One Life: Rebecca Clarke

Rebecca Clarke

Rebecca Clarke

“[It was] my one little whiff of success.” – Rebecca Clarke


A difficult childhood and an abusive father didn’t deter Rebecca Clarke from a career as a violist, and her compositions have become a significant part of the standard viola repertoire.  Yet her music was largely forgotten by the time of her death.  This week, a look at her life, and the rediscover of her music.

One Life: Rebecca Clarke

Passacaglia on an Old English Tune
Kenneth Martinson, viola Christopher Taylor, piano
“Rebecca Clarke: String Chamber Music”
Centaur 2847

Lullaby No. 1
Paul Coletti, viola; Leslie Howard, piano
“English Music for Viola”
Helios 55085

Viola Sonata
Barbara Westphal, viola; Jeffrey Swann, piano
“Viola Sonatas”
Bridge 9109

Down By The Salley Gardens
God Made a Tree
Patricia Wright, soprano; Jonathan Rees, violin; Kathron Surrock, piano
“The Cloths of Heaven: Songs & Chamber Works by Rebecca Clarke”

Piano Trio
Neave Trio
“Her Voice”
Chandos 20139





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