Season 2 of ‘Cooking with Julie Taboulie’ set to begin Saturday on WCNY-TV

WCNY’s Cooking with Julie Taboulie kicks off its highly anticipated second season Saturday, Sept. 29, on WCNY 24.1 with Julie and Mama in her glorious garden.

The second season of this inspiring, exciting and engaging cooking show explores the wonderful world of Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisines. It follows a successful first season, which garnered strong ratings on WCNY. The show is the first and only U.S. cooking show solely featuring Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine. After its premier in March 2012, the series was picked up by PBS broadcasters throughout New York state and the show is under consideration for national distribution.
Julie Taboulie, star of the show, set the season opener in her favorite place in the world: Mama’s glorious garden and with her favorite person, Mama. “This is exceptionally special and significant for me because I debuted my first episode of Season 1 in the same light,” Julie said. “Mama and her garden are my biggest sources of inspiration for my cuisine, culture and show.”
In each episode of this 13-week series, Julie continues to warmly welcome viewers with her special smile and signature style as she showcases a rich repertoire of Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine recipes from greens and beans, authentic Arabic eggs, signature soups, seafood and street food starts, world-class sweets, mouthwatering meat pies and much more.
“The second season is such a natural extension of the first season as I am progressively presenting new dishes that are sure to deliver distinctive and delicious tastes, textures and traditional techniques that viewers discovered and fell in love with from the first season,” Julie said. “I am so excited to share new recipes rooted from my family’s old-world ways and the wonderful world of Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine and culture.”
Season 2 of Cooking with Julie Taboulie was produced on location in and around the Finger Lakes region of New York state. Some of the featured areas include Skaneateles, Marcellus and Southwick Beach located on the eastern end of Lake Ontario.
Cooking with Julie Taboulie airs Saturdays at 1:30 p.m. on WCNY channel 24.1. The show is a coproduction of WCNY and Julie Taboulie Enterprises LLC. To learn more about Cooking with Julie Taboulie and to watch current and previous episodes visit Join Julie on Facebook at
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