Feminine Fusion

September 24, 2017: Sing Together

Elektra Women's Choir

Elektra Women’s Choir


“Words make you think a thought.  Music makes you feel a feeling.  A song makes you feel a thought.”  – Yip Harburg


There is something  special about the sound of women’s voices singing together.  On this episode of Feminine Fusion, we’ll hear music from three women’s choirs, and a trio based in Norway.


“Sing Together”

Abbie Betinis:  Chant for Great Compassion
“Everything She Touches Changes”
Audio & Video Labs, Inc.

George Mabry: Three Emily Dickinson Songs
Milwaukee Choral Artists
“Sky-Born Music”
Clarion 936

Keith Hamel: Salem, 1692
Elektra Women’s Choir
Centrediscs 6800

Sungji Hong: Missa Lumin de Lumine
Trio Mediaeval
“Stella Maris”
ECM 4763021



Run time: 58:30

Feminine Fusion highlights the roles of women in classical music. Host Diane Jones brings you stories and music of the women who create, perform, and inspire. Produced in the studios at WCNY-FM.

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