Syracuse International Film Festival


The Syracuse International Film Festival was created in 2003 as the place where information by, for, and about film and media-related programs could be brought to the community: members produce, present, and promote programs throughout the year that are created to engage, inspire, and entertain.

WCNY and SIFF have partnered to bring to viewers short and feature-length films of various topics and genres. Viewers can watch fils from Oct 18th – Oct 21st on WCNY-TV and WCNY’s Global Connect.

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Oct 20: WCNY Global Connect 10 pm – 12 pm

— “Senior Love Triangle” at 10:05 pm 
— “ASAD” at 11:37 pm

Oct 21: WCNY Global Connect 7 pm – 9 pm

— “Is That You” at 7:04 pm
— “Drama” at 8:25 pm
— “Origins” at 8:35 pm

Oct 21: WCNY-TV 9 pm – 10:30 pm

— “People of Standing Stone” at 9 pm
— “Origins” by Jeffrey Palmer at 9:27 pm
— “Imagining the Indian” at 9:46 pm
— “Imagining the Indian Highlights” at 10:13 pm

The People of Standing Stone

Narrated by Academy Award Winner Kevin Costner, and directed by Emmy Award winner Ric Burns, People of the Standing Stone: The Oneida Nation, The War of Independence, and The Making of America explores the little known, yet crucial history of the extraordinary contributions of one Native American people-the Oneidas-who during the darkest hours of the Revolutionary War became the only member of the Six Nation Iroquois Confederacy to side with rebelling colonists. This powerful and sweeping film, is a moving and unique cinematic experience that sheds light on an American story that has gone shamefully overlooked in the annals of American history.

Origins by Jeffrey Palmer

Through digital filmmaking, “Origins” represents a grandfather and grandson’s perspectives of Kiowa (Native American) history and storytelling, which together form a visual document tracing the director’s ancestral beginnings. These perspectives range from oral narratives and historical analyses, to the director’s personal memoirs of growing up on Kiowa allotment land in southwestern Oklahoma. These generational voices lead the audience through the expansive landscape of “Kiowa Country”, surveying the origins, homelands, and ceremonial sites of Kiowa existence and identity

Senior Love Triangle

An 84-year old charming but delusional WWII veteran forms relationships with two elderly women and goes on a crusade to save them from the isolation of their retirement homes in East Hollywood.


Bryan Buckley’s Oscar-Nominated coming of age fable of a Somali boy as he struggles to survive in his war-torn land

Is That You? Is That You?

Is an Israeli Academy Award Wining film by award winning director Dani Menkin. Staring the renowned Alon Aboutboul (London Has Fallen, Dark Knight Rises) as Ronnie, a 60 years old man looking for his ex girl friend from 40 years ago.


A young couple who are about to have sex in a car but realize that there are no more condoms left. Right at that moment, they see a young woman standing at the corner of an intersection not far from them. The girl in the car believes the young lady is a prostitute and asks the guy to ask her for a condom. The guy hesitates to go because he thinks the lady is not, and he doesn’t want to be awkward. While they are arguing about the lady, a guy walks to her.