If you have additional questions or concerns about donations to WCNY, please call 315-453-2424 or e-mail


Is it safe to use my credit card at How does it work?

WCNY uses the best encryption technology and software available for secure online transactions. The personal and financial information you send to us, including credit card number, name and address, are encrypted so that it cannot be read as the it travels over the internet.

What does my annual “membership” include?

A WCNY Donor Discounts & Benefits Card which will allow you to take advantage of exclusive offers. Click here to view the full listing of donor discounts.

Why are the “thank you gifts” WCNY offers so expensive? Why can’t I buy these items at a regular retail price?

As a public television station, WCNY relies on community support for a majority of our funding. The DVDs, CDs, books or other items we offer during our on–air fundraising campaigns are intended as a token of appreciation for supporting the station with a donation, not as a retail transaction. To encourage viewers to become supporters of the station, we suggest various pledge levels and offer items as incentives to contribute at that level. These items also allow us to give contributors something tangible for their support of WCNY’s programming. WCNY Membershop features merchandise from past WCNY productions and more at retail prices, but these purchases do not include benefits or discounts.

How long will it take to receive my “thank you gift”?

Any requested “thank you gifts” should arrive approximately four to six weeks from the time your payment is processed (and many arrive sooner than six weeks). On rare occasions, there can be additional delays because national demand for an item may slow down our distributors. Rest assured, we do everything possible to get “thank you gifts” mailed out as soon as possible.

If I pledge before my “membership” expires, will it be renewed?

If your contribution arrives within three months of your expiration date, it is considered a “renewal,” thereby adding another year to your “membership.” But if the gift is received more than three months prior, the contribution is considered an “additional gift.” Please check the button that states you are “renewing” on the online form or note “renewal gift” on your check or reply card if you are concerned about your donation being coded correctly.

Why am I receiving multiple copies of mailings?

You may have a duplicate record in our database. Please send us an email or call us(315-452-2424) us with your name and address and we will happily consolidate your records.

Why did I receive another solicitation letter when I already sent in my renewal donation?

To save donor dollars for acquiring more quality productions, WCNY sends out renewal notices in bulk — meaning it takes several weeks from the time we send our list to the printer to the time it arrives at your address. In many instances, your renewal gift and our reminder simply cross in the mail.

Why are you sending me renewal notices months prior to my membership expiration date?

We make every effort to alert you to the pending expiration of your annual support because donor dollars account for the largest portion of WCNY ’s operating budget. You begin receiving renewal notices three months prior to your actual expiration. Renewing early saves us the added cost of sending additional reminders — often $.50 or more per piece — and helps defray the cost of purchasing expensive series’ rights.

Where can I find my expiration date?

(TODO: update this) On the back of your Donor Discounts and Benefits Card, below your name and ID number.

How do I know if my company has a matching gift program?

Contact your Human Resources office. Many employers share your commitment to public television and charitable giving and will show it by doubling your pledge of support. Here is a partial list of employers who participate in matching employee charitable gifts.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

Contributions to WLIW21 are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law, minus the fair market value of any “thank you gifts” you have received. The amount of your gift that is tax-deductible can be found on the slip of paper that accompanied your WLIW21 Donor Discounts & Benefits Card. If you have misplaced this information, please contact us.