Syracuse Mayoral Race

Syracuse Mayoral Race

By Luke Lawn

The political season is upon us in New York State. Make sure to stay informed with your friends here at WCNY! There are a few different votes approaching and it is important to stay educated about upcoming political decisions and issues. One approaching vote is for the constitutional convention which encompasses all of New York State. Another is the upcoming mayoral vote for the city of Syracuse, NY.

There are currently four candidates running for mayor of Syracuse: Democratic candidate Juanita Perez Williams, Republican Laura Lavine, Green Howie Hawkins with the green party and Ben Walsh who is not affiliated with any party. These four will debate on live television three times over the course of the next weeks.

The first debate occurred on Oct. 30 at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science. This Friday, Nov. 3, the second debate will be hosted live on WCNY-TV at 9 p.m. The moderator of the debate will be Jim Aroune who is WCNY’s senior director, special productions & news content. Be sure to tune in to get some essential and relevant political information.

The largest issue brought up in the first debate was the city’s infrastructure. This has been a long-term issue for Syracuse leading to problems with community and civic engagement. The candidates will certainly address the problems with the current city infrastructure and more. Infrastructure around the city is outdated and requires an upgrade in efficiency and usability for citizens.

Candidates are advocating for 100 percent clean energy, increased bike lanes around the city and more dedicated community buildings. Tune in to check out how they will accomplish these goals and more while maintaining Syracuse’s city budget.

Please tune into WCNY on Friday to check it out! The third and final debate will be aired on Sunday, Nov. 5 at 5 p.m., moderated by Dan Cummings.

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