Nick Stellino Blog

WCNY: What’s a typical day like on set in your home?

Chef Stellino: Stressful, exhausting, rewarding and I am always sad when we finish. For a few hours, time seems to stand still and there is such an incredible, connection with all the members of our crew that we move in unison like a professional football team at the super bowl. Being part of a team is a most rewarding experience, leading that team to greatness is an ambition of mine with every step I take. You cannot be telling people how great you are and expect their respect. You lead by example by stepping into every challenging situation as the first one through the door, for others to trust you, they must feel you are willing to take the same risks they do, before you can lead, you must prove yourself as a fearless soldier. Just because you pay people for their work it does not mean you “own” them. Since I do not live in the realm of: “Good Enough” the extra effort in everything we do can only come because your team wants to win as much as you do. Otherwise you are just a pompous caricature of yourself. No one likes that!

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