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WORLD Channel Replaces Global Connect on WCNY

WCNY is excited to announce the launch of PBS WORLD channel, spotlighting news, feature, and documentary programming, to enhance content previously distributed as Global Connect.

The new WORLD channel allows us to continue providing the shows you enjoyed on Global Connect, such as “Democracy Now!,” “Amanpour & Company,” and “PBS Newshour.” It also includes specifically curated content from our new partner. You can find the WORLD channel in the same places as Global Connect — over the air on 24.3, at 1276 on Spectrum, and 476 on Verizon Fios.

WORLD is distributed by more than 100 stations nationwide. It provides powerful coverage connected to today’s headlines, scientific advances, historical revelations, and natural wonders. The channel also shares voices that too often go unheard. New TV programming coming up this year includes a view of the U.S. immigration system through the eyes of a Guatemalan teen, a tale of Chinatowns fighting to survive in Boston, Chicago, and Washington, D.C., and stories surrounding Native America heritage.

From breaking news, such as all-day coverage of high-profile U.S. Congressional hearings, to in-depth exploration of critical issues, WORLD also helps help bridge cultural divides. It offers programs from established, emerging, and diverse filmmakers, along with award-winning original series. It also features specials aimed to bringing audiences into the heart of their communities, which make up our diverse nation and interconnected planet.

We are pleased to be able to bring this programming to you through WCNY.

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