Global History and Geography


Global History and Geography Study Resources


NYS Education Department Test Archive – Find old regents exams with answer keys to help with regents preparation:

Crash Course in World History – View short and interesting videos from Mr. Green at:

The Khan Academy World History – Listen to instructive podcasts for Global review:

Remedial Regents Prep.- A shortened, but comprehensive look at Global History & Geography:

Forgot your textbook at school? Use this Text Based Review:

Review of key global history terms, flashcards and interactive games:

Brief Unit Focused Review from Prentice Hall/Pearson:

Use the Pearson Test Prep. App. for your smart phone:

Online Resources for Teachers:

Text based resources for teachers:

Flowcharts for teaching the major concepts:

Inspiration for adding and adapting your approach to teaching History:

Primary Source Archives for teaching History:

Big Think- world renown visionaries provide inspiration for specific topics:

Smarter Everyday- wonders of the world all on video:

PBS Idea Channel-Attention grabbing videos:

TED Ed-Education Based TED Talks:


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